Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring projects:

 kimono projects the spring/summer

1. Sew a cotton linen blend nagajuban with removable sleeves. Buying Juban can be a tad bit expensive..especially the bright and colorful ones, not to mention the fact that kimono sleeve lengths vary from type to type which means multiple jubans. Cotton will be washable and I can purchase some awesome vintage fabric peices for the sleeves..^_^

1.5- Sew cotton two piece Hadajuban set. Fabric Purchased!

2. Find a tansu subsitute- FOUND.
3. My wooden geta have bit the dust. Its not suprising as they were cheap as all get out in the first place. I need new hanao, new rubber bottoms..and with all that I think I am going to just re-do everything while I am at it.

4.. kitsuke

5. Sew back together my 1940's yukata. I recently unpicked the whole kaboodle to see how yukata are made ( plus it needs some TLC and some washing). At least this way I can alter it to fit my tall self.

Wheew...a line up! I will be busy!

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  1. I know what you mean about the juban, I only have one and it's ro. Of course it's cooler that way :)

    I found your blog from the IG forums and I'm following. I I'm at if you'd like to follow back.