Wednesday, February 16, 2011

obi thoughts

I have recently fallen in love with maru obi. I really did not think that they would be an option for me but now that I have done some research I think they would work really well with my figure. I also love the simple patterns that are available.
Nagoya obi look weird on me, and I am thinking it is because I have such a long waist and well...everything. The pre sewn section just looks funky.

Speaking of maru...I have never wanted to spend $180 on something that has a  high chance of not being fixable, but this made me fall out-mah-chair. Blast you ichiroya!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yabane arrived

My purple yabane komon arrived this week.  The color scheme is a bit more subdued then the pictures posted by the seller but I am still happy. It turned out to be a plumb and cream combination AND instead of textile fingers tell me it is wool..or at least a wool blend.
Perks for that as if all goes well and I suddenly have money to spare to go to San Frandisco for the Cherry Blossom festival having a wool komon means that I will not freeze. San Franciso..even in the heat of the summer gets friggin cold at night and in the morning.